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By Matuschka
Published by Hardpress Editions, Lenox MA. A unique postcard and print book consisting of 29 Images (2 times). Introduction by Anthony Haden Guest

An unusual art book and great gift item that doesn't need a bag, can hang on the wall, and includes 58 tear-out postcards and prints.

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First Edition of Bagit, Released 2008 Closeout deal! $13.50
This original edition of bagit has a different cover and also contains picturess of the artist.

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Sample pages from BAGIT!

Perforated pages "tear out" to become postcards.

Back Cover of the Bagit! Book
--Recent Press--

A Pulitzer nominee, whose accolades include the prize winning 1993 cover of New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Rachael Carson Award for her work addressing environmental concerns, and a Gold Award from the World Press Foundation, Matuschka has been a dynamic presence in the NYC art world since the 70s. The shopping bag pieces in Bagit! mark a new start for the artist, mostly known for posing herself and photographing her image in the manner of Penn or Avedon.

The materials Matuschka uses in Bagit! are just that, empty shopping bags. The sex appeal of luxury products and brand name obsession is based on the gospel of consumerism: I am what I buy. Or as Matuschka puts it: "You are what you bag."

In Bagit! Matuschka is savvy enough to add humor and irony to a culture consumed with labels, logos and shopping. Her play on 'the bag' is casual and at times at odds with the sensuality and noose-like appearance of the rope that seems to dance effortlessly across these pages.

"Very little of Matuschka's contemporary work would fall into the activist category today. With her new "In the Bag" project that incorporates digitalization and photography, Matuschka feels a bit as if she's stepping back into the 70s., a fertile time for both her life and artwork when she took...

"pieces of life, threw them into a bag, and waited with curious anticipation for what would tumble out."

In revisiting the world of abstraction and color she has also revisited her old stomping grounds, the Berkshires. And despite the fact that everybody knows her, it is incorrect to say they know her work, at least her current work."

Ed Bride, The Artful Mind 2006

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