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Expressionistic Gallery

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Matuschka attended WINDSOR MT Prep School located in the Berkshires MASS in the early 70s. Arriving on the tail end ofthe Alice’s Restaurant and the Arlo Guthrie scene she quickly installed herself as the artist’s model of the region while continuing her art studies both privately and at local institutions. At night, she stood in front of her easel and mirror in a cellar of an old Victorian mansion vigorously creating expressionistic works. Her first solo show at 18 was at the Lenox Library and reviewed in the Berkshire Eagle.

The images seen here are mostly works on paper using crayon, charcoal, pen and ink, oil paint and watercolor.

Although Matuschka became more interested in abstract work when she entered SVA in NYC, if you scroll to the end of this gallery, you will see one of her self-portraits rendered in the abstract expressionistic style, 20 years later in 1991.

Expressionist Paintings Images

“There is a stark brutality, an almost hurtful pained feeling in the paintings of Matuschka now on exhibition at Prescott College. A vigorous, dynamic but well controlled technique supports an imaginative, almost terrifying preoccupations with figures and faces, mostly female.”
Dr. Bruce, Prescott
Daily Courier 1974


“Her best single piece here is a caricature titled “The Model” in which she mixes humor and irony in the manner of a German Expressionist.”
1972 Berkshire Eagle