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Ruins Black & White


Inspired by a song Matuschka wrote in 1986

And when it's over before noon
before the coffee and the spoon
when one thing leads to another
and we don't know what to do with the ruins

When hope and helplessness collide
I change my clothes and then my mind
crazed and erotic it's an error
to await the good times or the terror

I'll walk on broken glass backwards for you babe
sit at home hug my roses alone
you gave me 18, I only wanted twelve
but I'll never forget, no I'll never regret
I was your mother, your lover, your Venus
the planet you could land on anytime

Can't seem to leave it alone
it's just one more night on the phone
strung out like a yo-yo in a windstorm
cause I don't know what to do with the ruins

Of all the choices we could make
between the coffee and the cake
we got hungry and out of hand
and we didn't know what to do with the ruins
no we didn't know what to do with the ruins


Ruins Gallery 1987- 1991

Media: 35 mm negative film
Average Print size: 11 x 14, 16 x 20

All self portraits/facsimiles printed by the artist in the 80’s.

Limited editions, Toned Gelatin Silver Prints and Artists Proofs available.

Please inquire about pricing.


French Foto, Dutch Foto, Collectors, Professional Photography, cover of Professional Photography 1990 with extensive inside portfolio.

Permanent Public Collections:

Photographic Museum Of Helsinki, Woodstock Center of Photography, Henry Buhl Foundation

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