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        “Manipulations”Alexendre Gertsman Contemporary Art, SOHO, NYC                                                                         December 8th-April 2016
    “Group One” Inaugural Exhibition, Sagra ArtGallery Melbourne, Australia                                                                               March-April 2015
    “Then and Now” B.A.M. (Berkshire Art Museum) North Adams, Mass                                                                               June-September 2015
    "Body Biography" SOHN Fine Art Gallery, Stockbridge, Mass                                                                                                       May-July 2013
    “Winter Show” Isha Nelson Gallery, Great Barrington, Mass                                                                                 December 2012-February 2013
    “Heroine or Victim?” Cultural ArtCenter, Malaga Spain in conjunctionwith Foto Mania                                                             March-July 2011

A Vision of Health and Creativity:
Matuschka Comes to USF St. Petersburg
Oct 5th 2010, 5pm
Davis Room 103
USF St Petersburg

Mamma, a piece by Matuschka, was recently published in The Studio Review at 620.

Bagit! New Book Release

Matuschka's new book Bagit! is now available. The book features postcards and prints of Matuschka's original abstract work. Check back for book parties, sightings, and signings.

A new book & exhibition in Florence, Italy
at the Fratelli Alinari Museum of History of Photography,
November 19, 2009 - January 10, 2010

"The photographer Matuschka has used her body to express the anguish of losinga breast. Unlike her famous portrait that appeared on the cover of The New YorkTimes Magazine of August 15, 1993, (Beauty out of Damage) in this photo theremoved breast is covered by a ghostly hand that evokes the close presence ofdeath."

"Included in this book are images from the greatest masters of contemporaryphotography that bring out the beauty of the breast and the female body without leaving out any point of view...From Erwitt and Cartier-Bresson's subtle humor, toNewton's brutal fashion photos, to Marcel Marien's surrealist photomontages...to insightful images from women themselves, like Diane Arbus and Matuschka."

New Dutch book features cover and inside illustration
by Matuschka

Een lijdensweg door de eeuwen heen

by Addie Wisse

Photo cover: 'Two Weeks After'
© 1991/1995 Matuschka

Photo p. 64: 'Beauty out of Damage'
© 1993 Matuschka

Uitgeverij Boekscout.nl Soest www.boekscout.nl

You are invited to attend the opening of

presented by the Surface Library Gallery

June 27th 2009, 6 - 8 PM
845 Springs Fireplace Rd
East Hampton, NY 11937
Exhibit runs 6/25/09- 7/26/09

For more information:

Featuring images from the Bagit! series.

Artists as alchemists survey aesthetic significance with unexpected and repurposed materials
by guest curator Lynn Dunham

June 25 - July 26th
Opening reception: Saturday June 27th

SURFACE LIBRARY Gallery will host "TEXTURES", an exhibition of artists as alchemists surveying aesthetic significance with unexpected and repurposed materials. In celebration, SURFACE LIBRARY will host an opening reception on Saturday, June 27th from 6 - 8pm. Guest curator Lynn Dunham of Art Rent & Lease has assembled a group of artists who find unexpected beauty in unusual materials with an emphasis on texture.

Participating artists include international and local artists whose work is currently on rotation with Art Rent and Lease - a cyber-gallery that rents, leases and sells fine art to business and residential clients, including eco-friendly Green Art. Lynn Dunham brings her unique art-acquiring concept to SURFACE LIBRARY in support of emerging and established artists and to promote sustainable, green and environmentally friendly art.

Guest curator Lynn Dunham has chosen works by David M. Mitchell, Vincent Romaniello, Gregory Coates, Matuschka, Gabriel Shuldiner, Jesse Pasca, James Kennedy, Lori Glavin and Tanya Bell - all of whom explore texture with unconventional materials. Lori Glavin and Gregory Coates are relevant to the Art Rent and Lease "green" certification, whereby site specific works are created with re-purposed materials.

About Us: SURFACE LIBRARY is an atelier and gallery, co-founded by Irish abstract painter, James Kennedy and potter, Bob Bachler, to create and present their art and design work. The gallery is also proud to present exhibits featuring new artists in multi media.

SURFACE LIBRARY Gallery & Atelier is located at 845 Springs Fireplace Road, East Hampton (opposite the Pollock-Krasner House in the Springs District). Gallery hours are Thursday to Sunday from 1pm to 7pm, and by appointment. For more information, please call 631.291.9061, e-mail at info@surfacelibrary.com or visit our website: www.surfacelibrary.com

JUNE 6-JULY 31 '09
Brooklyn Public Library
22 Linden Boulevard,
Brooklyn NY 11226

Carribbean Literary & Cultural Center,
in collaboration with
Richie Richardson and CARIB, celebrates
Nat'l Caribbean American Heritage Month
Curator, Richie Richardson

The self portraits in "Don't Globalize This" are not about me. That is why I changed my 'culture,' race and sex for this project. Globalization is just another name for submission and domination.
And the end result? Impersonalization + homogenization leading to separate lives with no contact and no sense of belonging to the same nation. A world whose life force is not induced by beauty and love. We are not born, we are grown. We are not raised, we are programmed. We do not give, we acquire. We do not receive, we reject."
-Matuschka 2002

You Are Invited!

to view Matuschka's new shop!

New Book Release: Staring: The Way We Look
"Matuschka changed the way we stare at breasts."-Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, author of Staring: The Way We Look
Featuring several pages on Matuschka and three of her self portraits, "one might say Matuschka is a professional staree."
"From a very young age we are told not to stare, and one hallmark of maturation is the ability to resist (or at least hide) our staring behavior. Staring captures the stimulating combination of symbolic, material and emotional factors that make staring so irresistible while endeavoring to shift the usual response to staring, shame, into an engaged self-consideration."
The Way We Look is an elegant and provocative book that advances new ways of thinking about visuality and the body. For those interested in the overlap between the humanities and human behaviors.

Richie Richardson ART & LIFESTYLE SHOW A diverse, spirited, entertaining program filled with topical dialogue. Samplings of world music and new sounds combine to add rich texture to the show, with music by scores of new, emerging & established artists.

Matuschka interviewed Sunday 4/12/09. Discussion of her work along with her original music, recorded in the 80s, was featured in this hour long segment - AM 1620 or www.allblackradio.com!

Friday 5/1/09 - WVEW 107.7 FM, streaming on the web at www.wvew.org. (Brattleboro, VT Community Radio.)

**a documentary about the rise and fall of "Plato's Retreat"**

NY Reviews - 3 Stars

Featuring, Buck Henry, Betty Dodson, Helen Gurley Brown, Veronica Vera, Melvin Van Peebles, Matuschka, Mayor Edward Koch, Annie Sprinkle and Al Goldstein among others. Directed and produced by Mathew Kaufman and Jon Hart.

Official film site: www.magpictures.com. American Swing will be released on DVD April 14th 2009.

Book Title: Female Perspective
Editor: Badruddin Gowani
Title of Essay by Matuschka: "When God was Big Brother"

For a long time, religious scriptures portray men as prophets and through these men God reveals important messages.
What if today God was to reveal his wisdom and talk through women? Of course, the revelations would not be the same. From the female perspective comes one hundred different revelations by one hundred choosen women in his new book, "Female Perspective" edited by Gowani and published in 2009.

Mamm Magazine October 2008
Cover Image with inside feature

Story title: (Balancing a Lopsided Act) by Matuschka ? 2004,2005,2006, 2008 Illustrations: Cover of the New York Times (1993)
Vote for Yourself (1991)
Tattooectomy (2003)
Bagit Image (2006)

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contact the artist: matuschka@verizon.net